Strona Domowa Rodziny Mniszek Tchorznickich

Genealogical trees

When you create a tree I came across some inconsistencies why I recommend the first look at the site Index the names of family - only in Polish where they are listed, or simlpe English version ---->.

   Trees done in PDF format to watch them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader.
ur. - born
zm. - died

Mieczyslaw Mniszek Tchorznicki- Genealogical tree

Kazimierz Mniszek Tchorznicki - Genealogical tree

Aleksandra Scibor Rylska - Genealogical tree

Mateusz Jakub Mniszek Tchorznicki - Descendants graf

Feliks Mniszek Tchorznicki - Descendants graf

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